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Membership of Fiberworks

Fiberworks Membership

We are very keen to expand our membership and to embrace the rich and diverse talent in South Africa. All South African artists using any of the wide range of fibre and textile forms in their work, are invited to apply for membership.

The Fibreworks group was formed in 1997 to promote fibre and textile art and to create opportunities for members to exhibit at a professional level. National and regional exhibitions are held regularly and occasionally Fibreworks exhibitions tour internationally.

Fibreworks Membership Application

You are eligible for membership if you are South African or you have lived in South Africa for a minimum of 3 years.

Applications are assessed by current Fibreworks members at our regular quarterly meetings. All votes are of equal value, thus ensuring that the selection process is fair and democratic. After the assessment Fibreworks will contact you.

Submission of work:

All applicants are to submit their work including any images in a .PDF format. Please label the documents clearly with your name.

Your application will be assessed at the next quarterly meeting by the present members.

Your submission should include the following;
  1. A short current CV containing:-
    • Date, Name, Residential Address, Mobile and Telephone numbers, E-mail Address, Website/Blog.
    • Important exhibitions, publications, commissions, etc.
  2. Any additional information to support your application such as an Artist Statement or a Mission Statement. This could include aims, processes, techniques, materials and influences.
  3. Please do not exceed two(2) full typed A4 pages for parts 1 and 2 above.
  4. Over and above the two pages above, please send 8 - 10 separate high quality images of your artwork. Each image should include your name and be titled in full along with some details of the work. The images can be taken from any period in your career, and may also include experimental pieces from your portfolio.
  5. Along with the above requirements, an optional video or link about your art may be included.
  6. Please email the PDFs to:
  7. Any questions regarding Fibreworks or the membership application can be sent to the above email address.

Annual Membership Fee

Should you become a member of Fibreworks, payment of the annual membership fee (currently R150.00) is required in full irrespective of the time of joining. This is kept as low as possible and contributes towards administration, the costs of exhibitions if applicable, the quarterly newsletters and the website. An additional fee is required for some Fibreworks exhibitions. The annual membership fee is reviewed from time to time.

A small voluntary committee takes responsibility for Fibreworks administration and other members are called upon to assist when necessary. Fibreworks holds quarterly meetings, one of which is an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Marketing and communication is via our website, a quarterly newsletter, a Facebook page and a WhatsApp group.


From time to time Fibreworks has exhibitions. If you choose to submit work to an exhibition, you are responsible for:-
  • The cost of insuring all your work during transit in both directions. Insurance must include loss of, or damage to any or all of your work for any reason during the actual exhibition.
  • The cost of safe delivery and return of all your work including appropriate packaging.
  • Having suitable arrangements in place for the safe return of all your work.

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