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Newsletter June 2015

Dear ALL

Dates to diarize:
SUBS ARE overdue R150 to be paid into above account

  • 3 - 6 July 2015 National Quilt Festival at Kearsney College in Durban.
Clsind down of Fibreworks VIII and Major Minors V

Our third meeting for the year meeting will be held on
Our second meeting of the year was held at Kearsney College on 4 June.
Present were: J. Gilks, O. Tolksdorf, D.Biddle, H. Beaumont, T. De Harde, E. Barnard, M. Pretorius, L. Koorts, K Tedder, C de Villiers and S. Walwyn.
Apologies: M. Stevens, C. Harris, L Douglas, J Powell, K. Wentworth, A.McMasterr, C. Lemmer,. J. Hearn
Karen Wentworth has resigned as she is moving to Denmark. We wish her every success in her new venture.
The National Quilt show at Kearsney college was very successful. Everyone now should have their Fibreworks VIII and Major Minors V art works back. If there is a problem, contact Helga Beaumont. They were exhibited at artSpace Durban, IQAfrica in Johannesburg and the National Quilt festival in Durban. Fibreworks would like to thank everyone who helped with the showing and travelling of the Fibreworks exhibitions. It is often difficult and always time consuming to get exhibitions together, and it is members who rise to the occasion who make the difference.
Odette Tolksdorf complimented members at the meeting on the high standard of work presented. . It was also good to have new works added as the shows travelled.

Various Fibreworks members were prizewinners at the National Show. Congratulations go to Lubi Koorts (who also won a sewing machine), Jenny Hearn and Cathy Knox. We would also like to congratulate Elaine Barnard on her solo show during the festival. It was wonderful. Well done Elaine.

Christmas November meeting: Overnight in Newcastle and visit Elaine Barnard and Judy Jordaan and Pumzile Dlamini at the Newcastle museum. ??

Next year is Fibreworks IX. We are in negotiations with Marilyn Pretorius who would like to organize a Fibreworks show in PE during the National Arts Festival in June 2016. Marilyn organized a very successful show called 'Diversity' in PE this year. It was an exhibition of painters and quilters and was well received. Keep fires buring so host smaller shows in between bigger shows . We will let you have the details as soon as possible, but in the meantime get creating.

We are also hoping it will travel to Cape town. Cathy Harmer Fox has invited Fibreworks members to an Eastern Cape breakaway. Dates

In 2016 there will be no IQCAfrica, but an Intercraft fair which will be held at Emperor's Palace in Johannesburg. We have been invited to participate. We decided to have a Major Minors show there. The dates are from 3 - 5 June 2016. New works and old ones are welcome and we will contextualize them into categories and hang them from a 3 sided device.
Work to Dana Biddle by Friday 20 May 2016

There will be other quilt shows being exhibited like the Travelling exhibition and also Patchwork Europe. Kathryn Harmer Fox has had work accepted by them.

Hermanus Fynarts 2015

Various members exhibited: Jutta Faulds, Helga Beaumont, Jeanette Gilks, Odette Tolksdorf and Jenny Hearn. Jenny sold work
Thank you to Dal botha for organizing such an energetic event.

Sally Scott and Odette Tolksdorf;
Exhibiting at Elbč Coetzee's gallery Mogalakwena Craft Art Gallery in themiddle of Cape Town in November. Jeanette

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