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Newsletter July 2017

Dear ALL


Dates for our next meetings:
13 October 2017 - The AGM will be hosted by Sue Akerman
Address: 30 Valbridge Road, Pietermaritzburg Tel 033 347 3236

Please submit any newsworthy information to us. Our newsletters capture the history and development of our group. Your news is important.

NB Please note that the points raised at each meeting are incorporated in the main body of the newsletter.


7 July 2017 - National Quilt Festival in Port Elizabeth
Members present: M. Pretorius , O Tolksdorf, M.Stevens, C Knox, K.Harmer Fox, H Beaumont, S. Walwyn

Apologies: M.Letts, L.Koorts, C.Lemmer, J. Hearn, S. Physick, K. Arbeter, Kim Tedder, Karin Arbeter, G Gerhard.

We had a long discussion about celebrating Fibreworks 20th year in existence. Jeanette has been exploring the possibility of us exhibiting at the KZNSA gallery in Durban and she will report back when she has more information available. Odette thanked Jeanette for her passion and drive, and Rosalie complimented Jeanette on how she acknowledges every person and treats every one with respect. For those of you who have not had the chance to attend a meeting, Jeanette always ends the meetings with everyone having an opportunity to share their news - be it about Fibreworks or something inspirational. It also gives people the opportunity to bring up issues that need clearing.

Jeanette thanked Helga for her organizational skills and Odette for her support in stepping in when necessary. Fibreworks has evolved and changed, but it is still strong. Organizations are like organisms: If they fail to evolve, they die. We hope as many people as possible will come to the meeting to be held in Port Elizabeth in July during the National Quilt Show


Fibreworks X. Our 20th Anniversary in 2018

There was much discussion on whether or not to have a themed section of the exhibition. This idea was raised at the AGM last year and printed in the last newsletter. Please find below information to refresh your memory regarding the themed show. We have received one objection to the idea of a theme which we received by email, but the consensus at this meeting was that it was a good idea. Should you not wish to participate in the themed section, fine. No obligations. You can still take part in the show with your own non-theme work.

The theme idea is to create a fibre / textile art work inspired by any artwork featured in any National South African Gallery.

Size: no side smaller than 30 cm and no side larger than 150 cm.
There were plenty of suggestions regarding the themed section:

  • It can be a literal/visual/conceptual interpretation of the chosen work.
  • A section could be blown up and made into an art work.
  • It could be the title that inspires you.
  • You could use the meaning/content or the composition as points of departure.
  • It could be a 3D interpretation (but remember it may not travel then).
  • The works could be researched, and you can use the artist's theme.
  • You can include inspiration from multiple artists in your one work.

You have to include one image of the chosen art work or artist to be displayed during the exhibition. This led to much discussion as to whether the image should be displayed next to the work, or the images should be displayed separately. Perhaps too, artists should consider editing very long Artist's Statements. Jeanette stated that artworks were completed in the mind of the viewer anyway.

We also discussed whether to include invited artists who work 3 dimensionally..

Regarding the planned Fibreworks exhibition: See the recent wonderful work in the Rijks Museum competition - all work entered had to be inspired by work in the Rijks Museum collection:


The web site has been updated for your perusal. Thanks to those who sent the required information.


Rosalie Dace

We asked Rosalie to share with us where she has all been these past few years:


Quilt National Athens, Ohio, 2015
Visions, San Diego CA, 2017
World Quilt Symposium, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2016
Front Range Contemporary Quilters, Colorado, 2016
SAQA, Forida, 2016
Exhibitions: Memory Works: Textile Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
various joint exhibitions at conferences.
Featured Artist, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, 2016

Conferences....teaching and lectures:

Manawatu New Zealand National Symposium, Palmerston North, New Zealand 2015
Australasian Quilt Convention, Melbourne, Australia 2015
SAQA Fiberlandia Conference, Portland, Oregon 2015
Empty Spools Seminars, Asilomar, California 2016, 2017
Alegre Retreat, Gateway, Colorado 2016
Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus, Ohio, 2015, 2016, 2017
Quilters' Affair, Sisters, Oregon 2015, 2016, 2017
Quilting By The Lake, Syracuse, New York, 2015, 2016, 2017
Trends and Traditions, World Quilt Symposium, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2016
Art Quilt Symposium, Sisters, Oregon 2015, 2016, 2017
Creative Construction National Quilt Symposium, Christchurch New Zealand 2017
Hudson River Valley Art Workshops , Greenville, New York, 2015, 2017
Art Quilt Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 2015, 2017

Other teaching and lectures for Groups, Guilds and Shops:
Durban Decorative Arts Society 2016
Grassroots Quilters' Guild 2016
Village Quilters' Guild 2017
SAQA Fiberlandia conference, Portland OR 2016
Stitchin' Post, Sisters, Oregon 2015, 2016, 2017
North Suburban Needlearts Guild, Northbrook, IL 2016
Front Range Contemporary Quilters, Denver, CO 2016
East Bay Heritage Quilters, East Bay, CA 2016
Quilt Gallery, Kalispell MN 2015, 2016
Minnesota Contemporary Quilters, Minneapolis, 2017



When asked to explain how he came about creating the centre, William Kentridge has been quoted on how his own artistic failures have made him the artist he is today. "In my own life, there have been many, many failures. I wanted to paint in oil paints, I failed at that. I went to Paris to become an actor, I failed at that too. I wanted to make films and write film scripts, and I also failed at that. And I was reduced to being an artist. Yet many years later I discovered that all these different areas in which I had tried to specialise and make a life for myself, all of these failures in fact provided very rich material."

The Centre For The Less Good Idea aims to find the less good idea by creating and supporting experimental, collaborative and cross-disciplinary arts projects. It is a space to follow impulses, connections and revelations. It's a physical space for artists to come together over two seasons every year and for curators to bring together combinations of text, performance, image and dance, because an ensemble sees the world differently to how one individual does. It is a safe space for failure, for projects to be tried and discarded because they do not work. It's a space for the short form work which doesn't have a natural home in a theatre or gallery, work which can show the jumping from context to context you do in your need to make sense of the world.

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