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Newsletter October 2019

Dear ALL


  • 8 December Healing of Scars exhibition at the Schreiner gallery, Tatham art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg - more on this later

  • 2020 4th and 5th February 2020 a free style machine embroidery class run by Sue Akerman and Annette MacMaster. More on this later

  • 2020 13 September - 8 November Fibreworks XI Members' national exhibition. Tatham art gallery Pietermaritzburg. More on this later.

Next meeting: 30 November - Christmas lunch at 11 am at the Teatery at Yard 41, 2 Shafton road in Howick. Hope to see you there!


Members present: J. Gilks, O. Tolksdorf, A. McMaster, J. Faulds, L. Malherbe, H. Beaumont, Dace, S. Physick

Apologies: J. Barnes, J. Hearn, T de Harde, E. Barnard, K. Harmer Fox, K. Tedder, M. Letts, C Harris, M. Stevens, P. Nicholson, S. Naidoo, S Akerman, C Lemmer, M Pretorius, K Arbeter, C Knox, G Niederhumer, G Gerhard, C Zelenka and C de Villiers.

The Fibreworks meeting was hosted at Helga's house in Kloof, Durban.
  • Assessment of new applicant's work.
We welcome a new member - Marie Claasé from Worcester. Welcome to Fibreworks. We hope you enjoy the ride

    I am happy to continue writing the newsletter.

    The web site needs to be up dated. If you want to send images for your pages, or join the web site, please send your images and information by the end of May 2020. Sending any information sooner would be helpful.

    It's essential that you send Helga high resolution images. LABEL them with your surname and title of the work, and send them in a jpg format. Make sure your text follows the web site format. Contact Helga if you are unsure.


  • Good to see the members sharing and discussing matters, events and images with such lively enthusiasm! Keep the conversations rolling Please share information on any competitions you hear about or on any members who you know are taking part in anything interesting.

    We need a motivated Fibreworks member to step forward and take on the Facebook page and keep it updated. Please contact Helga if this idea appeals to you.


    Chairman - Jeanette Gilks

    Vice Chairman - Odette Tolksdorf

    Treasurer and Secretary - Helga Beaumont


    Jeanette is keeping all our records up to date.
    Happily, all of us are still keen to do our jobs!


    For those interested in the finances, please have a look at the breakdown of costs for the year at the end of the newsletter. Thanks once again Helga for your efficient and clear breakdown of Fibreworks expenses.


  • KZNQG Meeting Roy Starke's quilts

    We had a very successful showing of Roy's works at the KZN Quilters Guild meeting in August. Roy's enormous, colourful quilts emblazoned the walls and the stage of the hall, creating an awe inspiring visual spectacle. What a joy!

    Christo Rabie was an enthusiastic guest speaker and he gave an uplifting talk about Roy and his passionate commitment to his work. Roy was prolific, creating quilt 'pure breds' as well as vast, mixed-media ensembles. Annemarie Carlsen, a quilt historian, and Carla Wasserthal came to lunch at Helga's after the meeting. It was lovely to see Carla Wasserthal once again after so many years! Annemarie selected two quilts that needed to be mended.

    Christo subsequently met with Hannelie du Plessis from the Pretoria Art Museum and the museum has accepted 4 of Roy's quilts for their permanent collection. They were thrilled to add more of Roy's more recent works to their collection as they already have a small exhibition of his works. You might have seen that on Facebook.

    Roy Starkes Quilts Pretoria Art Museum

    We still have some 60 quilts at either Odette or Helga's homes. Does anyone want to hang a Roy Starke quilt in their home? If so, please contact Helga or Odette. Roy left all his artworks to Fibreworks and we are very happy to distribute them to our interested members.

  • Fibreworks XI Exhibition 2020

    We decided at the AGM to exhibit again at the Tatham art gallery and they have agreed to this. We still have to decide on a title so if you have a brilliant idea please send it to Helga!

    In the previous newsletter, we agreed that the following works/categories would be included in the Fibreworks XI exhibition:

    • Collaborative work. Member works with Roy's work.
    • Member's own work
    • Major Minors in 2 formats: A4 and square 25 x 25 cm
    • Some of Roy's work that belongs to Fibreworks will be exhibited, depending on availability of space
    Please look at our previous newsletters regarding honouring Roy and all his work.
  • Annette McMaster, Sue Akerman, Corina Lemmer and Phumzile Dlamini are exhibiting at the Tatham Art Gallery in December.

    The title of the show is Healing the Scars, and it opens in the Schreiner gallery Sunday 8th December at 11am. Floss Mitchell, an educational psychologist, will open the show.

    There will also be a workshop for children on the 10th to 13th of December 2019, presented by Sue Akerman and Corina Lemmer Wolmarans. Basic hand embroidery stitches will be taught.

    On the 4th and 5th February 2020 a free style machine embroidery class for adults will be led by Annette McMaster and Sue Akerman.

    Participating members have this to say this about the show: 'Because the stitched line has the breath of time and the importance of rhythm in the human touch, that is, the in and out of the needle, "mending the scars" in the exhibition title refers to trauma experienced in each artists' life and the therapeutic value of art -making.

    'Embroidery and stitching, as well as other forms of handwork, feature in all the work. We regard this as a means to self-discovery, expressing individual views and feelings, making statements and being "voices" for the unheard.

    'All the work on the exhibition is about very personal as well as universal stories and feelings. Through the narration of personal circumstances and misfortunes, using the medium of stitch or together with other mediums in one form or another, some healing has occurred in our lives'.

  • Kathy Harmer Fox

    Congratulations to Kathy for being selected in the Top 40 of the Sanlam Awards. What an incredible honour. Well done Kathy!

    The Tattoo Artist by Kathryn Harmer Fox The Tattoo Artist by Kathryn Harmer Fox

  • SAQG National Festival Prize winners

    Congratulations to all our prize winners:

  • Best Wall Hanging: Tilly de Harde. (Scram)

    Best Use of Colour: Tilly de Harde. (Exodus)
Judges Choice:
  • Sheila Walwyn: Pauline Cartlidge. (All my bits and Pieces)
Wall Pictures Masters:
  • First Prize: Elaine Barnard. (Below Surface)
  • Highly Commended: Joan Barnes. (The Colour of my Dream)
Wall Art Masters:
  • Second Prize: Tilly de Harde. (Exodus)

  • Third Prize: Jenny Hearn. ("Wild Spring". One person's weed is another's Flower)

  • Highly Commended: Elaine Barnard. (Memories)
Group Quilts:
  • First Prize: Joan Barnes Group. (Dancing Towers Sandton 2019)
  • Tilly de Harde
    It is with great pride that we share Tilly's news hot off the press:
    First prize in the BROTHER SA Quilting Contest with Fantasy Garden

    And 2nd Prize with Zentangle Owl
    These 2 quilts will be travelling to Japan where they will participate in the 19th Annual Brother Quilting Contest. Good luck Tilly and well done.
Here are some interesting links from Odette:

And now something to get your teeth into as Rosalie gives us the link to a South African artist Chris Soal, who works with tooth picks:

She also talks about a book, ' Killing Commendatore by Haruki Marukami. It is a novel about a Japanese portrait painter and has a great deal about art and the thoughts and ideas that an artist goes through in the creative process. But, be warned, it's big and heavy, so definitely not easy bedtime reading as it will wake you with a crash if you fall asleep reading!'

Best to you all
Jeanette and The Team

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