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Newsletter October 2020

Dear ALL


  • 20 November: Works to be delivered either to Odette Tolksdorf's address or to the Tatham Art Gallery.

  • 25 November: Delivery of work to the Tatham Art Gallery by 9.30 am if you live in the vicinity.

  • Sunday 06 December 2020 at 11h00:

  • Virtual Opening of Fibreworks MicroMACRO at the Tatham art Gallery

    in Pietermaritzburg - more on this later.

  • Knockdown date to be confirmed

  • Next meeting 6 December to be confirmed closer to the time. Virtual turkey to be consumed!
Fibreworks will inform members of any updates and/or changes with regards to our exhibition.

Please remember to pay your Fibreworks subs of R150 per annum if you haven't already done so.
  • MINUTES OF THE AGM HELD ON 3 October 2019
Members present: J. Gilks, O. Tolksdorf, A. McMaster, J. Faulds, L. Malherbe, H. Beaumont, S. Physick

Apologies: J. Hearn, T de Harde, E. Barnard, K. Tedder, M. Stevens, P. Nicholson, S. Naidoo, S Akerman, C Lemmer, M Pretorius, K Arbeter, C Knox, G Niederhumer, R. Dace and C de Villiers.

The Fibreworks meeting was hosted at Helga's house in Kloof, Durban. We viewed and discussed the two new membership applications.
  • New Members
We welcome two new members Sandra Lemmer and Stephanie Neville.
Welcome to Fibreworks!
Sandra lives in the Drakensberg and Stephanie lives in the UAE.

Our upcoming exhibition at the Tatham Art Gallery was also discussed. Please see summarised details below from correspondence received from Reena the Educational officer at the Tatham gallery. We have been dealing with her regarding our members' exhibition. Inserted with fuchsia are our answers to queries from the Tatham Art Gallery.
This letter and inserts constitutes the minutes of our meeting.

Fibreworks XI Exhibition 2020

Dear Helga

The dates for your fiber exhibition have been finalized and will open virtually on Sunday 06 December 2020 at 11h00.
The title for your exhibition is MicroMACRO.

I also need high resolution pics of all works, together with title and medium and I request that each artwork is accompanied by an artist's statement. This to be emailed to me as soon as possible for publicity. Please contact Estelle Sinkins from the Witness so that you all can arrange for an interview with her.

Jutta Faulds has offered to co ordinate a meeting with Estelle together with input from Sue Akerman. Please liaise further with Jutta, as both she and Sue know Estelle.

The Gallery is governed by strict protocols, and it seems that large gatherings will not be possible for the foreseeable future.
We would therefore suggest that Fibreworks identify an opening speaker whose opening address can be pre-recorded.

The Exhibition can then be officially launched on 06 December 2020. Fibreworks will be exhibiting in the Main Gallery as well as in the foyer. Major Minors in the foyer and MicroMACRO in the main gallery.

Phumlani Ntshangase will design the invitation in association with you. Fibreworks will need to provide images of work to be used on the as soon as possible.
The artists will have to cover the cost of insuring their respective works, in transit and in situ.

Art works to be brought into the Gallery on Wednesday 25 November at 09h30. All works need to be exhibition ready.
Sculpture pieces should be submitted with an appropriate stand.
Also all work has to be clearly labelled at the back.

Please submit a list of all the art works with titles, medium, and artist's statements. All art works submitted should indicate whether or not the work is for sale, and if so what the price is.

We will undertake to hang as many art works submitted as we are able, within the Main Exhibition Room space. No guarantee can be given by the Gallery that all work submitted will be hung.
It has been our policy that at least one work from every member is hung in the gallery. However, it is understood that not all works will necessarily be hung due to space constraints and jurying.

The Gallery will also dismantle the exhibition and send the unsold works back to the artists. It is the responsibility of each artist to pay the cost of return of all artwork, unhung or unsold.
Since Fibreworks pays for the return of unsold work to members after the exhibition, we would appreciate you sending Fibreworks the bill for this.

Should any artworks be purchased by an overseas buyer and the monies paid up front, we are willing to let them take the work at their convenience. Does this suit you? We would like the artist and the gallery to benefit from such a transaction.

However, should works be sold locally, i.e. anywhere in South Africa, the buyer must wait until the end of the exhibition.
Futhermore, the cost of shipping any work anywhere is for the buyer's account.

The gallery has to comply with the government Covid 19 regulations, so the Education Programme has to be on line as well.

Artists can pre-record very basic information about what motivated them, their inspiration etc. about their work, in, a clip of about one minute. We will then put all this together and launch virtually.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Kind Regards

Reena Bhoodram
Education Officer

Note: The Tatham Art Gallery commission on sales is 40%. Send your Artist's Asking price to Fibreworks and Helga will work out the Selling price.

Thanks everyone, once again for your continued support

Jeanette Gilks and the Team - Odette and Helga

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