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Newsletter December 2008

Dear ALL

Dates to diarise:

  • 27 February 2009 Submission deadline for Entry Form for the Department of Arts and Culture Craft competition. More on this later.
  • Mid April Submission of suitable e-mail images to Sue Greenberg to advertise a new fibre/textile exhibition at her gallery - Artisan - in Durban. No larger than 300 dpi please. NB images do NOT have to be works finally submitted for this exhibition. More on this later.
  • Mid April Submission of text /mission statement to advertise this exhibition at Artisan.
  • 1 May 2009 Major Minors with a difference - artworks needed for Rosalie. More on this later.
  • Mid July Submission of e-mail images of work to Sue Greenberg for her to jury.
  • Early August Deadline for accepted work to arrive at Artisan.
  • Sunday 9th/Monday 10th Opening of exhibition at Artisan.
  • End August/early September Artisan exhibition closes.
  • October AGM to be held at Linda Jones's home in Plettenberg Bay. More on this later.
  • June/July Fibreworks VI National members' exhibition at artb Belville, Cape. Exact dates to be confirmed.

Date of next meeting: Friday 27 February 2009. Time: 9.30 for 10 am at Jeanette's.
  • Department of Arts and Culture "Craft Competition"
  • I believe that Dana Biddle sent everyone an e-mail regarding the above competition. The categories for this exhibition include ceramics, textile and woodwork.
    If you need more information contact Eunice Mothetho-Rooi
    cell 079 721 1438 (w) 011 833 3329 www. or
    alternatively contact Dana Biddle on 016 349 2949.

  • Fibre Textile Exhibition at Artisan Gallery, Durban.
    Sue Greenberg, of Bayside Gallery fame, approached Helga and me about a month ago whilst we were at an opening at her gallery Artisan. For those of you who don't know, Artisan is an upmarket, commercial gallery at the top end of Florida Road. She is very keen to showcase, once again, Fibreworks artworks and after consultation with Odette I have gone ahead and booked the venue for August 2009.
    Sue likes the idea of a theme as it has worked well with exhibitions she has had in the past. If you have any good ideas, please bring them to the meeting at the end of February so we can brainstorm them further. If you cannot make the meeting and have some ideas, let Helga know before the meeting. Sue suggests we keep it local, i.e. a theme with a broadly African flavour.
    Here are some details so far:
    1. The exhibition is open to ALL Fibreworks members.
    2. This is not, however, a substitute for our official national members exhibition which is scheduled for July 2010. This is an entirely separate exhibition, and
    3. You are not obliged to participate if it does not suit you.
    4. Sizes and shapes:
    5. The longest size of wall mounted work must not be longer than 1.5m.
    6. All kinds of 3D artworks are welcome.
    7. You can submit more than one work.
    8. Jurying:
    9. Sue Greenberg is the curator of the exhibition and it has always been her policy to jury any work that is submitted. Consequently she requests that we e-mail her the images of our work that we intend to submit - not more than 300 dpi. She needs this visual information by mid July so she has some idea of what work she will be receiving. She will contact you directly regarding the works she selects. Remember this is a commercial gallery and I'm sure one of the criteria that Sue will apply to work submitted will be its saleability.
    10. Hanging:
    11. Work that Sue has selected, must be delivered to the Artisan gallery by early August.
    12. Sue is happy to hang 5 fibre artworks or 50! So if there are a too few fibre works, she will invite other artists to participate in the exhibition. Her idea nevertheless, is that Fibreworks will be the primary show - other participants will enhance and be supportive of the theme. (Hence the importance of a theme). This may include ceramic work.
    13. Sue Greenberg and her team will hang the show.

    14. Costs:
    15. All work must be for sale.
    16. There is no gallery rent. Instead there will be a 66.6% mark up on the Artists Asking Price. This amounts to the gallery taking 40% of the Selling Price. Please bear this in mind when you price your work.
    17. Sue is happy to organize complimentary food and drink for the guests on the opening night which will cost in the region of R1200. Fibreworks will fit the bill. All WE need to do is to come with fresh eyes and enjoy!
    18. Artisan pays the artist within a month of the exhibition closing i.e. money received for works sold in August will be paid to the artist by the end of September.
    Please contact Sue DIRECTLY if you have any queries regarding this show. Her details are: Sue Greenberg cell 083 301 5747 Phone 031 312 4364 e-mail:
    Physical address: 344 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban, 4001.

    NB I have organized the opening of this exhibition to coincide with Odette's American tour group arriving in South Africa. I am sure they will be delighted to attend our opening. As this is the third tour that Odette has arranged she scores a hat trick! Well done Odette! She organizes this Arts and Crafts Tour with Nancy Crow and her son Nathaniel Stitzlein and the three week tour concentrates on the best and most interesting arts, crafts and culture of South Africa, including visits to game parks and World Heritage sites.
    Since there will be about 28 people in the group, it should really swell the ranks at the opening!
    If you want to know more about Odette's tour, look at :

  • Major Minors with a difference

    Here is a letter from Rosalie:

    Fibreworks members have another opportunity to do a small but important piece of artwork. We have been invited to exhibit this new collection of small works over the summer next year in Rochester, New York, at the biennial show of RAFA, the Rochester Area Fiber Artists. I have accepted on our behalf and will be very happy to take the works with me when I go next May. The advantage of taking small works is that everyone can send a piece and I'm not limited by size or weight in what I choose to take.

    In consultation with Jeannette and other Fibreworks members, I have decided on a broad and exciting theme for the exhibition: MARK IN TIME. The possibilities are endless and the theme allows artists to develop it in almost any direction: from petroglyphs to passports, from celebrations to signatures, from dances to deadlines. There are so many ways throughout history in which people have marked the passage of time in their lives and in that of their culture. In the natural world we see the passage of time being marked by seasonal changes, growth, erosion and death. What does the phrase mean to you?

    So start thinking about this thought-provoking and enticing challenge, full of possibilities for almost endless interpretations. It could be a stunning show of personal interpretation, design, color and texture.
    However please note that at this time there are no plans for a catalogue.

    Details and deadlines are:

    Theme: MARK IN TIME (as an extension of our themed Fibreworks V)

    Size: Small work with no side longer than 25 cm.

    You may submit more than one work

    Please make sure you attach a sleeve for hanging, with your name and contact details on the back of the work.

    Materials: Any fibre of your choice, excluding animal skin, bone etc. It is against the law to take agricultural or animal matter into the United States and I would hate to see one of your pieces confiscated and destroyed! So no chicken bones, lizard skins, or beetles etc please!

    Deadline: To me ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY 1 MAY 2009
    Rosalie Dace Phone: 082 789 0978 / 031 201 0819
    37 Kilburn Ave Email:
    Durban 4001 OR



    Please note that the AGM for October 2009 will be held at Linda's home in Plettenberg Bay. Try and come as Linda is buying extra beds!

    As most of you know, some of our AGM's were held at Graham and Santie McIntosh's beautiful Sewula Lodge. It was a treat not to be missed, so plan for next year.

    Incidentally if you have any good images of Fibreworks retreats, e-mail them to Helga.


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