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Newsletter December 2018

December 2018

Dear All,


  • August 2019 National Quilt Exhibition in Gauteng.

Friday 1 March, 9 am at Helga Beaumont. 21a Alexander Ave, Kloof


Members present: J. Gilks, S. Naidoo, O.Tolksdorf, A. McMaster, L Malherbe, R. Dace, S. Physick, H. Beaumont, J Faulds, P Nicholson

Apologies: C Lemmer

EDGE exhibition Fibreworks X 2018 Durban KZNSA gallery

We were very lucky to get an extra week at the gallery at no cost.

Eighty three works were exhibited in total, of which eight works were sold. The artists were paid out a total of R13200. Well done everyone! Please see below for details which includes the name of the buyer.

Sold works:
CORINA LEMMER Boeta wore Two-Tone Brigitta Gaylard
CORINA LEMMER Gestroop IV John Hatting
ANNETTE MCMASTER Domestic Goddess John Hatting
SHIELA WALWYN Forest Weaving 3 John Hattingh
DANA BIDDLE See Me, Feel Me- entire set Paul Mcgar
CELIA DE VILLIERS Bombeiros Meryle Reardon
JEANETTE GILKS Sew Close to the Masters - Leonardo Soraja Karimi
JEANETTE GILKS Sew Close to the Masters - Marini Soraja Karimi

There was some animated talk with regard to the framed and unframed works. Both framed and unframed are absolutely acceptable. Some of our works need to be framed in the manner of a painting whilst others do not. It's a personal choice. Sally Scott's large framed works made a stunning impact when entering the gallery.

There was a general consensus that framed works and unframed works do not generally make good bed fellows. I did speak to the gallery assistant about this.

By now you should have all received your works back from the exhibition. Presumably all is in order. Remember we will be hanging parts of this exhibition again at the SA Quilt Festival in Johannesburg in August 2019. More details of this show in forth-coming newsletters.

Running Thoughts Community Conversations

This proved to be a very successful and joyful exercise in the KZNSA gallery. The enthusiasm generated amongst members of the public was recaptured at our Christmas meeting at Helga's when a number of us collated the text-tiles into three further lively conversations! Have a look at a detail of one of the 'conversational' pieces below.

Angela Shaw, curator at the gallery, is very keen to display these three art works on the KZN web site. What a wonderful finale for our 20th birthday celebration!

Thanks to everybody who took the time and the trouble to jump start this project by supplying us with a number of completed tiles. These artworks motivated many of the school students and the public by generating momentum. Tessa Horan submitted 20 beautiful felted pieces.
Helga and I will be stitching one of them up next Tuesday and once we have sewn ALL the blocks together we are considering donating them to a community. Will keep you updated.


It was suggested at the meeting that all conversations on WhatsApp be relevant to artworks, specifically textiles. It's so good to share our exhibition experiences in various parts of the world with other members of the Fibreworks group.


If you want to send more images for your pages, or join the web site, send your images and information by the end of May. It's very important that you send Helga high resolution images. Label them with your surname and title of the work, and send them in a jpg format. Make sure your text follows the web site format.


Finally, some of you may have heard about the death of Roy Starke, in April this year. A valued and very colourful - in more ways than one - member of Fibreworks, he bequeathed about 80 of his art quilts to Fibreworks. We have accepted this generous bequest and are currently in the process of taking on this substantial responsibility. We will keep you informed with any developments.

Thanks All!
Jeanette and The Team - Odette and Helga

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